About LEGO McLaren Formula 1 Race Car (42141)

Build your own awesome racing car with LEGO 42141. With this set of 1432 bricks you can build a McLaren Formula 1 racing car. Enjoy the beautiful details and dream of victory. The impressive display model is very truthful and is sure to be loved by every racing and LEGO fan. The LEGO model was even developed at the same time as the model of the real racing car. The LEGO design team has worked closely with the McLaren Racing team for this. That makes this LEGO McLaren Formula 1 racing car such a great set to have at home. You won't get any closer to the original!

It's here. The first McLaren F1 @Lego_Group Technic model, inspired by our 2021 livery… And there's two BIG fans already! 🙌

Available from 1 March. pic.twitter.com/N2cONC03PO

— McLaren (@McLarenF1) February 8, 2022

An accurate approximation of the original

Just like the real racing car, the LEGO McLaren racing car is equipped with a V6 cylinder engine. With moving pistons, working steering, suspension and a differential for precise cornering, this replica is very close to the original. The LEGO model is no less than 65 centimeters long, 13 centimeters high and 27 centimeters wide. That makes this racing car a real eye-catcher, wherever you put it. With the included sponsor stickers you can make your racing car look just like a real Formula 1 racing car.

A special collaboration

LEGO 42141 was created through a special collaboration between the LEGO Technic designers and the McLaren Racing team. In the building instructions of this LEGO set you will learn more about this special collaboration and the design of the model. That ensures that you will appreciate this model even more. Immerse yourself in the history of this racing car and enjoy every step of the building process.

LEGO 42141 McLaren F1 Race Car - Alt 1

A great gift for racing fans

This LEGO set makes a great gift for any Formula 1 fan who dreams of owning their own racing car. Not only will you have hours of fun assembling the car, then you will enjoy the many details time and time again. Because the racing car was designed at the same time as the real car, the model is extremely realistic. Discover all the details, admire the way this LEGO racing car is put together and be proud of your own achievement.

A nice building challenge for adults

This LEGO set is the perfect adult challenge. The advanced model provides a lot of fun and challenge for LEGO fans. During the building process, they can completely immerse themselves in this beautiful set. Every piece has been thought through, making everything feel perfect. And after this wonderful challenge, you will proudly look at your own Formula 1 racing car again and again. This way you feel like a real champion!