LEGO 10284 Camp Nou – FC Barcelona - 20210807

It looks like the LEGO Group still has some unveils up its sleeve. Today, we're getting a first look at the upcoming Creator Expert Camp Nou set which is giving FC Barcelona the spotlight with a 5,509-piece version of their iconic Camp Nou football stadium! This spectacular recreation includes every detail enthusiasts could want out of their favorite team.

After first seeing the LEGO Group get in on football fans' excitement with its Creator Expert Manchester United stadium and other creations, it looks like soccer lovers will have another iconic location to add to their brick-built collections.

LEGO Camp Nou pricing and release date

The LEGO Group has yet to announce the upcoming Camp Nou set, although we have a pretty good idea of what is in store. After getting our first look at the box, there are 5,509 pieces. This is 1,600 more parts than are seen in previous releases! It'll be exciting once they show us how those additional features work on their new release when all details become available later this year.

The LEGO Camp Nou stadium is set to launch later this fall, but there's no official date yet. It'll likely be available in the first or second week of October given that historically new releases are released then. Pricing isn't confirmed either though we can expect it to cost €329.99 (£270) over in Europe which would make sense for a US price point between $350 and $400 when looking at comparables.

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