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lego 76390 harry potter advent calendar

LEGO 76390 Harry Potter Advent Calendar

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 75968 4 privet drive

LEGO 4 Privet Drive 75968

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 76393 harry potter hermione granger

LEGO Harry Potter & Hermione Granger 76393

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 76386 hogwarts polyjuice potion mistake

LEGO Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake 76386

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 76399 hogwarts magical trunk

LEGO Hogwarts Magical Trunk 76399

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 76398 hogwarts hospital wing

LEGO Hogwarts Hospital Wing 76398

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 76400 hogwarts carriage and thestrals

LEGO Hogwarts Carriage and Thestrals 76400

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 76401 hogwarts courtyard siriuss rescue

LEGO Hogwarts Courtyard: Sirius’s Rescue 76401

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 76402 hogwarts dumbledores office

LEGO Hogwarts: Dumbledore’s Office 76402

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 76408 12 grimmauld place

LEGO 12 Grimmauld Place 76408

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 75966 hogwarts room of requirement

LEGO 75966 Hogwarts Room of Requirement

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 31201 harry potter hogwarts crests

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests 31201

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 76389 hogwarts chamber of secrets

LEGO Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets 76389

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 76388 hogsmeade village visit

LEGO Hogsmeade Village Visit 76388

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 76404 harry potter advent calendar

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar 76404

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 75981 harry potter advent calendar

LEGO 75981 Harry Potter Advent Calendar

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 75969 hogwarts astronomy tower

LEGO Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 75969

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 40419 hogwarts students acc set

LEGO Hogwarts Students Acc. Set 40419

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 71028 harry potter series 2

LEGO 71028 Harry Potter Series 2

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 71043 hogwarts castle

LEGO Hogwarts Castle 71043

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 75945 expecto patronum

LEGO 75945 Expecto Patronum

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 75946 hungarian horntail triwizard challenge

LEGO 75946 Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 75947 hagrids hut buckbeaks rescue

LEGO 75947 Hagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 75948 hogwarts clock tower

LEGO Hogwarts Clock Tower 75948

LEGO Harry Potter


Dive into the magical world of LEGO Harry Potter

Expelliarmus! Wingardium Leviosa! Accio! When kids play with LEGO Harry Potter, the spells will be flying around your ears. All the favorite moments from the Harry Potter series come back to life with these LEGO Harry Potter sets.

Are you rebuilding Hogwarts? Or would you rather build The Nest? Who will win the next Quidditch match? Or would you rather take an exciting ride in the purple Collector’s Bus? And you can also make up your own magical adventures, of course. With LEGO Harry Potter, you’ll never be bored.

Not just fun for kids

Harry Potter is a phenomenon that is still enjoyed not only by children, but certainly by many adults as well. Whether you grew up with it, or are just beginning to discover Harry Potter, LEGO Harry Potter is always a fun addition to your adventures in the magical world of the sorcerer’s apprentice.

There are sets available for different ages. Puppets of the most famous characters in the series are recommended for children ages 5 and up, while the complete Hogwarts castle is better suited for 16+. So this is definitely LEGO you can enjoy your whole life. Just like the books and movies, LEGO Harry Potter will remain fun for a very long time.

Experience magical adventures

There are quite a few LEGO Harry Potter sets to choose from. It is also great fun to slowly expand your collection. This way, your magical adventures will become bigger and more extensive. For the best LEGO Harry Potter offers, is the place to be.

Because we compare all the different providers of LEGO Harry Potter with each other, you can be sure that you pay as little as possible. That’s another good thing. Can you quickly dive back into the magical world of Harry Potter.