Catch all the crooks in your LEGO town with LEGO police

´Watch out for villains! Here comes the LEGO police! We’re going to catch you all! Experience the greatest stories with the tough LEGO building sets. Patrol the roads, the skies or the water and catch all the thieves. With you as the LEGO police no crook will get away scot-free! Build your own police station and guard your LEGO town.

Start building your own LEGO police force early

If you ask a toddler or preschooler what they want to be when they grow up, chances are they’ll answer ‘police’. Something about catching crooks has a great appeal to children. That’s why they love playing with LEGO police. They get totally absorbed in their own stories and catch all the bad guys from the city.

Even toddlers as young as two years old can get to work with their own policeman and police station. When they grow up they can expand their police adventures with boats, planes and helicopters. This way every crook will be caught.

Keep your LEGO town safe

No LEGO town can be without a police station. Who else should keep the city safe? Combine the LEGO police sets with other LEGO sets to build a complete city. With the mobile police station, the officers track down every crook anywhere. Or set off in pursuit with squealing tires. And quickly request air reinforcement when the crook threatens to escape!

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