An interactive way to play with LEGO Super Mario

A little man with an impressive mustache and a red cap with an M on it, that can only be one person: Super Mario. With LEGO Mario, this world-famous little man now comes to life in the physical LEGO world.

Kids can now discover a new way to discover the challenging world of Super Mario. Build the most beautiful courses yourself and see how many coins you can collect within a minute.

Start with the starter set

With most LEGO building sets, it doesn’t really matter which set you start with, but with LEGO Mario it is different. To enter the world of Super Mario, you must first buy the starter set. This is the only set that contains the one and only Super Mario. This special figure is interactive and will react to the course it is placed on.

The various LCD screens and sensors allow Mario to give a range of reactions and recognize exactly where he is in the course. This makes LEGO Mario a unique combination of analog and digital play. Once you have become acquainted with the world of LEGO Mario, you will soon not want anything else. Fortunately, there are also many expansion sets available, with which you can continue to expand the LEGO Mario universe.

A lifetime of pleasure

The LEGO Mario building sets are already suitable for children of six years old, but even as an adult you will have a lot of fun building and playing with the sets. Especially if you still know Super Mario from your own childhood, the LEGO Mario sets will provide a nice dose of nostalgia.

All known parts of the game are reflected in the LEGO Mario sets and you will even recognize the sounds and music immediately. Which boss will you take on first?