LEGO train, rails and switch tracks

Board the LEGO train and set off to a new destination. Create your own railroad with the LEGO train tracks, LEGO switch tracks, passenger train, freight train and train station. Here you will find the best LEGO train offers.

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lego 60198 cargo train

LEGO 60198 Cargo Train



lego 60337 express passenger train

LEGO Express Passenger Train 60337



lego 60336 freight train

LEGO Freight Train 60336



lego 60335 train station

LEGO Train Station 60335



lego 76405 hogwarts express collectors edition

LEGO Hogwarts Express – Collectors’ Edition 76405

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 40518 high speed train

LEGO High-Speed Train 40518

LEGO Creator Expert


lego 10954 number train learn to count

LEGO Number Train – Learn To Count 10954



lego 10956 amusement park

LEGO Amusement Park 10956



lego 30575 train

LEGO 30575 Train

LEGO Miscellaneous


lego 10955 animal train

LEGO Animal Train 10955



lego 10941 mickey minnie birthday train

LEGO Mickey & Minnie Birthday Train 10941



lego 88011 train motor

LEGO Train Motor 88011

LEGO Powered UP


lego 88002 power functions train motor

LEGO 88002 Power Functions Train Motor

LEGO Miscellaneous


lego 75955 hogwarts express

LEGO Hogwarts Express 75955

LEGO Harry Potter


lego 71044 disney train and station

LEGO 71044 Disney trein en station

LEGO Disney


lego 60238 switch tracks

LEGO Switch Tracks 60238



lego 60205 tracks

LEGO Tracks 60205



lego 60197 passenger train

LEGO Passenger Train 60197



On the way to the most beautiful adventures with a LEGO train

Choo-choo-choo! Who didn’t play train driver as a child? Trains are magical vehicles. For children, but also for many adults, they appeal to the imagination. That is why they are so popular as toys. LEGO also has a number of wonderful examples in its collection. From traditional steam locomotives to electric trains, there is a LEGO train for every train enthusiast. Get on board quickly and experience the most wonderful adventures!

On the way to magical adventures

There are LEGO trains for every age. The little ones can experience the most educational adventures with the LEGO number train, or embark on adventures with their favorite characters, such as Woody from Toy Story or Mickey Mouse. Older children will have great fun with the Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter. And making up your own exciting stories is also perfectly possible with a LEGO train.

Who is on board and where is the next journey going? Create your own train track with the different rails and experience a different story every time. There are LEGO trains that you have to push by hand, but there are also some wonderful motorized locomotives available. Control your train remotely and enjoy a beautiful journey.

Combine with other sets

Running a train is fun, but running a train that actually goes to a destination is even more fun. So be sure to combine the LEGO train with other sets from LEGO. You can also buy separate rails to create an even more beautiful and longer track. Build different stations and let your train transport various minifigures or goods. That way, no trip is ever the same.

If you want to make sure you don’t pay too much for the LEGO train, it is wise to compare offers via this website. This way you can immediately see which sets are available where and what they cost. Then quickly get back on board your LEGO train and ride off into new adventures!